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  • Allantodia hachijoensis

    Family : Athyriaceae.

    Synonym : Diplazium hachijoense.

    Large, evergreen, bipinnate-pinnatifid fronds, flared shape, on a slowly creeping, black rhizome. This species enjoys a cool to moist soil, acidic or slighly calcareous, in shade or light shade. Height:60cm. Width:90cm. Hardiness:-15°C.

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  • Allantodia wichurae

    Family : Athyriaceae.

    Aka Diplazium wichurae.

    Remarkable fern ! The arching, evergreen fronds are pinnate, glossy forest green. The stipe is purple-tinted. This species likes humusy moist soils, in light shade. Height and width : 50cm. Hardiness : -15°C.

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