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 Araiostegia is a genus of 16 epiphytic or terrestrial ferns from tropical Asia, belonging to the Davalliaceae family. It has finely pinnate, thinly textured fronds, arising from long scaly stalks, jointed to creeping rhizomes. Araiostegia species can be grown in a well-drained soil, in half-shade.

  • Araiostegia parvipinnula

    Family : Davalliaceae.

    The evergreen, oblique fronds, are very finely cut on a long and erect petiole. The rhizome is creeping, on surface and covered with ginger scales. It enjoys a well drained soil, acidic or slightly calcareous, in a cool spot, in shade or light shade. Height 60/80cm. Hardiness : -8°C.

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