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Dryopteris ardechensis

Ref.: DRYOP 972

Origin : Ardèche France.

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Family : Dryopteridaceae.

Species from the Ardèche region of France. It is likely a fertile hybrid between D. affinis subsp. affinis and D. tyrrena. The fronds are in dense clumps, matt green. The pinnae are upward facing. It is easy to grow in any soil, in shade or light shade. It is drought tolerant. Evergreen. Height : 50/80cm. Hardiness : -18°C.

  • Foliage : evergreen
  • Height : 60 to 90cm
  • Soil type : any
  • Site : cool to moist woods, forest edge, dry to cool woods, mixed borders
  • Exposure : shade, half shade
  • Shape : upright, flared
  • Rhizome : erect
  • Hardiness : down to -20°C (-4°F)