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Matteuccia struthiopteris 'Jumbo'

Ref.: MATTE 202

Origin : Eurasia.

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Family : Onocleaceae.

Syn. Matteuccia struthiopteris 'The King'

Stately fern. It spreads from stolons that produce suckers, eventually forming a colony,, not as tight as M. struthiopteris var. pennsylvanica . It differs from the species by its less breakable fronds, arranged in cones. It yellows in autumn, later than the species and is more heat tolerant. This variety produce numerous fertile fronds, narrow, first green and then brown, that last all winter. It needs a moist and humusy soil, acidic or alkaline. Deciduous. Height : 1m to 2m according to conditions. Hardiness : -35°C.

  • Foliage : deciduous
  • Height : over 90cm
  • Soil type : acidic, deep, humusy, peaty
  • Site : streams or ponds banks, bogs, cool to moist woods
  • Exposure : shade
  • Shape : upright, flared
  • Rhizome : erect, stoloniferous
  • Hardiness : down to -35°C (-31°F)