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 The genus Pellaea belongs to the Pteridaceae family and includes about 80 species. Most of the species are native to America, some others in Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand. The genus is characterized by tough, evergreen fronds, pinnate or bipinnate. Sori are arranged under the folded pinnae margin. Most of Pellaea are xerophile, linked to mineral, limestone, hot and dry environments.

  • Pellaea atropurpurea

    Family : Pteridaceae.

    Purple cliff brake.

    The rhizome is short creeping. The fronds are pinnate ,.and bipinnate at the base, blue-green, narrowly triangular. The stipes are brown and shiny. The pinnae are oblong, leathery. It grows in limestone rocks. It requires a well-drained spot, a chalky soil in partial sun or sun according to the region. It is the strongest xerophile Pellea, but it is not easy to cultivate. Height : 20/40cm. Hardiness : -30°C.

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