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The genus Pteris belongs to the Pteridaceae family and includes 187 species, distributed in tropical and subtropical areas.

  • Pteris cretica

    Family : Pteridaceae.

     Lamina is ovate, matt dark green, once-pinnate, on a long stipe. Pinnae are ribboned and can reach 20 cm long, they are connected to the rachis by a wing. The sterile fronds are arching, whereas the fertile fronds are upright and slender. Sori are in lines under the pinnae margins.. This species enjoys all soils, acidic or calcareous, without excess water, in shade or light shade. It is also a good indoor fern, easy to grow. Evergreen fronds. Height : 30/70 cm. Hardiness : -10°C.

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  • Pteris wallichiana

    Family : Pteridaceae.

     Impressive fern by its span and its beauty ! Pinnae are arranged in broad horizontal umbels, on long stipes. One single frond is 60cm wide. Width : 1,50 cm. Height : 1m/1.30m. Hardiness : -12°C.

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