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  • Coniogramme emeiensis

    Family : Pteridaceae.

    Variegated bamboo fern.

    It is a variegated fern, with a creeping rhizome, and linear, upright, pinnate or bipinnate fronds. The pinnae are 15 to 20cm long, glossy, bright green with cream-coloured veins. It requires a cool and humusy ground in shade, or on a veranda. Protect from slugs. Evergreen. Height : 60/90cm. Hardiness : -10°C.

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  • Coniogramme intermedia

    Family : pteridaceae.

    Intermediate bamboo fern.

    Evergreen fern with a short-creeping rhizome. The fronds are pinnate, bipinnate at the base. The pinnae with tapered end, are long, deep green, glossy ; broad and tight. It likes shade or deep shade in a moist, acidic to neutral soil. Height : 60 to 90cm. Hardiness : -10°C.



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  • Coniogramme japonica 'Flavomaculata'

    Family : Pteridaceae.

    Syn. : Coniogramme  japonica 'Variegata'

    Japanese bamboo fern.

    The rhizome is creeping. The fronds are upright, pinnate and bipinnate. The pinnae are emerald green, glossy, with clearer veins. Plant it in a cool and moist soil in shade, or on a veranda. Protect it from slugs. Evergreen. Height : 60/80cm. Hardiness : -13°C

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