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  • Selaginella helvetica

    Family : Selaginellaceae.

    Bright green foliage, moss like. Thin creeping stems, diffuse, with adventive roots. In the garden, it likes rockeries, or a cool to moist soil, drained, acidic or chalky, in shade or partial shade. Evergreen. Height : 1 to 4cm. Hardiness : -20°C.

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  • Selaginella involvens

    Family : Selaginellaceae.

    Tree spikemoss.

    The stems are red, upright and branching. The leaves are golden green, scale like. Its shape reminds an airy and fine fern. The rhizome is creeping. It will like a rockery or a drained soil, acidic or alkaline, in medium shade; it is drought tolerant. Evergreen. Height : 20/30cm. Hardiness : -18°C.

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