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  • Dryopteris carthusiana

    Family : Dryopteridaceae.

    Narrow buckler fern.

    This species forms an airy clump. The lamina is pale green and smooth. The long stipes bear sparse, uniformly tan scales. It is easy to grow and suitable for woods, banks, rocks, marshlands, acidic or alkaline soils, in shade. Deciduous. Height : 50/80cm. Hardiness : -35°C.



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  • Dryopteris celsa

    Family : Dryopteridaceae.

    Log fern.

    It is a fertile hybrid between D. goldiana and D. ludoviciana. Glossy, deep green, this attractive upright fern enjoys moist, humusy and acidic soils. Semi-evergreen. Height : 80/120cm. Hardiness : -25°C.

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  • Dryopteris championii


    Champion's wood fern.

    This refined fern displays upright, thick, broadly triangular, glossy green fronds. Late in spring, the crosiers, appear cloaked with silver white fuzz; then, the young fronds unfurl anise-green coloured. For acidic or neutral, humusy soils, well-drained in light shade. It is drought tolerant. Truly evergreen. Height : 60/90cm. Hardiness : -25°C.

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  • Dryopteris clintoniana


    Clinton's wood fern.

    Fern native to the wet woodlands of the north-eastern USA and Canada. It is a fertile hybrid between D. goldiana and D. cristata. It is an elegant fern with bright green fronds, broadly triangular, pinnate-pinnatifid, semi-evergreen. Give it a moist and humusy soil in shade or light shade. Height : 70/100cm.  Hardiness : -25°C.

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  • Dryopteris coreano-montana

    Family : Dryopteridaceae.

    Beautiful fern with a profuse foliage. The broad fronds are pale green in spring, and then darken, giving a contrast effect. Very strong, it adapts to any soil, in shade or half shade. Semi-evergreen. Height : 60/80cm. Hardiness : -25°C.

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  • Dryopteris crassirhizoma

    Family : Dryopteridaceae.

    Thick-stemmed wood fern.

    Large-scale fern with a stout rhizome. The fronds are pinnate-pinnatifid, dense, glossy, fresh green, in spread wide crowns. The croziers are cloaked with brown scales and their unfurling is stunning.  For a cool soil, acidic or chalky, in medium shade. It is drought tolerant. Evergreen. Height : 80cm. Width : 1m. Hardiness : -30°C.

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  • Dryopteris cycadina


    Shaggy shield fern.

    The once-pinnate fronds are lanceolate, narrow, leathery and serrate, matt, dark green, upright in a symmetrical crown. Black scales on the stipe. For shade, in an acidic or alkaline soil. It is drought tolerant. Evergreen. Height : 60/90cm. Hardiness : -25°C.

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