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Athyrium is a genus of about 216 species native to the Northern hemisphere, mostly to Eastern Asia and Himalayas. The deciduous fronds have a tender texture, from green to purple or silvery, according to species. Some species like A. filix-femina and A. niponicum come in hundreds of cultivars. The Athyrium are hardy, and enjoy acidic and moist soils in shade.

  • Athyrium niponicum var. pictum 'Silver Falls'

    Family : Athyriaceae

    New name : Anisocampium niponicum 'Silver falls'

    The Japanese painted fern is a rhizomatous fern. It features a slowly spreading clump of horizontal, triangular fronds. The blades are silvery with a burgundy rachis. This cultivar differs from var. pictum by having more silver in the fronds, and by keeping its colours longer in summer. For ordinary soil in a cool spot, in the medium shade. Deciduous. Height and width : 40/50cm. Hardiness : -30°C.

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  • Athyrium otophorum var. okanum

    Family : Athyriaceae.

    Eared lady fern, auriculated lady fern

    Magnificent fern with purple rachises and ribs; the young fronds at first cream, then sea green, and then more darkened in the course of summer. Wide triangular deciduous fronds (it retains its fronds late into autumn). Plant it in shade or medium-shade in a moist ordinary ground. Height and width : 50cm. Hardiness : -25°C.

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  • Athyrium vidalii

    Family : Athyriaceae.

    Elegant fern with a thick rhizome, red-purple croziers, tan scales; developing, on long erect stipes, a flared bunch of dark green matt fronds, pigmented with red. It likes any fresh or moist soil in shade. Deciduous. Height and width : 70/90cm. Hardiness : -25°C.

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