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 The genus Matteuccia belongs to the Onocleaceae family and includes 2 or 3 species. This genus is present in the temperate and cold areas of northern hemisphere. One species is present in Alsace : Matteuccia struthiopteris. This genus is characterized by its dimorphic fronds. The sterile and deciduous fronds emerge in early spring, in symetrical , bright-green crowns. The fertile fronds appear late summer, from the crown centre, upright, short, contracted, pinnae folded on sori, first green, then brown, persistant in winter. The Matteuccia species are awesome and showy, especially in spring.

  • Matteuccia orientalis

    Family : Onocleaceae

    Oriental ostrich fern.

    The sterile fronds appear in early spring, they are spread and form stately flared clumps. The rhizome is moderately creeping. It likes humusy and moist soils, acidic or alkaline, in shade. The fertile fronds appear in late summer, short and narrow, and overwinter, dark brown. Deciduous. Width : 100cm. Height : 60/80cm. Hardiness : -18°C.

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  • Matteuccia struthiopteris

    Family : Onocleaceae.

    This tall stately fern forms an elegant cone shape. It spreads from stolons that produce suckers, eventually forming a dense colony. It needs a moist to wet soil, humusy, acidic or alkaline. Deciduous. Height : 50/160cm, according to conditions. Hardiness : -35°C.

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