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The genus Onoclea belongs to the Onocleaceae family, and includes 1 to 5 species (The Plant List), according to sources. Onoclea sensibilis is present in Northeastern America and eastern Asia. This species was introduced and naturalized in some others areas, especially in Europe. This genus is characterized by its very dimorphic fronds, on a strongly creeping rhizome. The sterile fronds emerge in spring, pinnate and variably lobate, tender textured, light green. The fertile fronds appear late summer, the stipe carries bunches of capsules, containing sporangia, and winter persistant.

  • Onoclea sensilbilis

    Family : Onocleaceae.

    Sensitive fern.

    The creeping and branching rhizome produces solitary fronds, forming a dense colony. The fronds are pinnate and the pinnae are lobate, tender-textured, fresh green, with a red margin in spring and copper-coloured in autumn. It is suitable for a cool to moist, acidic soil, or a pond bank, in full sun or shade. It can be invasive. Deciduous. Height : 30/60cm. Hardiness : down to -35°C.

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