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 The genus Onychium belongs to the Pteridaceae family, and count 8 to 10 species, distributed in Africa and in Asia. Fronds are tripinnate to quadripinnate, dimorphic, with very fine segments, hence the nickname of carrot fern. The fertile fronds are more upright, longer and with finer segments, than sterile fronds.

  • Onychium japonicum 'Sichuan Lace'

    Family : Pteridaceae.

    Very finely cut fern. The sterile fronds are tripinnate to quadripinnate. The fertile fronds are taller, more upright, and more finely cut. This variety differs from the species by its vigor and hardiness, by more rigid stipes and rachises, giving it a better fit, by its denser foliage. The rhizome is branching and creeping. It enjoys a cool soil in light shade. Height : 60cm. Hardiness : -17°C.

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