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The genus Marsilea includes about 60 species of aquatic ferns, adapted to amphibious habitats. It is characterized by 4 heart-shaped pinnae, arranged in a cross, that make it look like a clover. The species distribution is subcosmopolitan, 3 species in western Europe, including 2 in France (protected species). The stipes are thin, their length adaps to the water level. Spores are in sporocarps, small elongated capsules on the stipe base.

  • Marsilea quadrifolia

    Family : Marsileaceae.

    Water clover fern.

    This aquatic fern is unfernlike with its four-leaf clover configuration. The rhizome spreads into the underwater soil, sending up fronds to the surface. The stipe length adapts to the water depth. The lamina is glabrous, satiny and fresh green. It enjoys the water's edge, small deep ponds, or wet spots with variable levels of water, in full sun or light shade. Deciduous. Hardiness : -20°C.

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