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The genus Thelypteris belongs to the Thelypteridaceae family and contains about 433 species, of subcosmopolitan distribution (source : world flora on line). One species is represented in french flora : Thelypteris palustris. Fronds are deciduous, once-pinnate, pinnatifid, on a creeping rhizome.

  • Thelypteris kunthii

    Family : Thelypteridaceae.

    Elegant fern with airy, triangular fronds, light green. With its branching and creeping rhizome, it can form colonies, mainly in moist grounds, in shade or sun. Deciduous. Height : 60/120cm. Hardiness : -20°C.

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  • Thelypteris palustris

    Family : Thelypteridaceae.

    Marsh fern.

    The fronds are upright and lanceolate, light green. With its creeping rhizome, it spreads in moist grounds to swamps, or along pond margins, and can colonise under water to a depth of 30cm, in full sun or medium shade. It enjoys alkaline soils but stands acidity. Deciduous. Height : 50/100cm. Hardiness : -30°C.

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