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 The genus Phegopteris belongs to the Thelypteridaceae family and includes 35 species distributed in the temperate areas of northern hemisphere and southeastern Asia. One species is present in France : Phegopteris connectilis. The genus Phegopteris is characterized by its adnate pinnae, connected by a wing along the rachis ; by its round sori with reduced or missing indusium. Fronds are deciduous and bipinnatifid. The rhizome is creeping.

  • Phegopteris connectilis

    Family : Thelypteridaceae.

    Northern beech fern.

    The branching and creeping rhizome forms dense colonies.The stipe is erect and thin. The laminae is downy, triangular, horizontal, light green, graceful, with the basal pinnae pointing forward and downward. It is a fern for rather acidic soils, loving coolness and moisture; we find it mainly in mountaineous forests. Deciduous. Height : 15/30cm. Hardiness : -30°C.

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  • Phegopteris decursive-pinnata

    Family : Thelypteridaceae.

    Japanese beech fern.

    The erect rhizome produces numerous root runners. The fronds are downy, in the shape of a feather, high or short, pale green ; they appear early in spring and form colonies of tight bunches. It is a strong ground cover, drought tolerant, suitable for any soil, acidic or alkaline, cool or moist, in shade or medium shade. Deciduous. Height : 30/60cm. Hardiness : -30°C.

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