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 The genus Hypolepis belongs to the Dennstaedtiaceae family, and includes about 50 species distributed in the southern hemisphere, especially in New Zealand and Australia. This genus is closely related to Pteridium (bracken fern) and share certain characteristics : deltoid, loose fronds, finely cut, tripinnate, rough, branching and long-creeping rhizomes.


  • Hypolepis rugosula

    Family : Dennstaedtiaceae.

    Ruddy ground fern.

    Attractive widespread ground fern with triangular fronds, tripinnate, pale green; and ruddy stipes and rachises. The rhizome is branching and creeping on the surface. It enjoys moist acidic soils in light shade. Evergreen according to the temperatures. It can be invasive if the conditions are suitable. Height : 50/130cm. Hardiness : -12°C.

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