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Blechnum is a genus of about 200 species, native to the southern hemisphere, especially to New Zealand, Austrlia and Chile. The genus Blechnum is characterized by evergreen, once-pinnate and dimorphic fronds. Fertile fronds are more erect with narrow pinnae, while sterile fronds have wider pinnae. All species enjoy acidic and cool or moist soils, in shade. Most of the Blechnum have now changed genus, to become Struthiopteris, Parablechnum, Austroblechnum...For practical reasons, they appear here in the genus Blechnum, with mention of their new name.

  • Blechnum australe subsp. auriculatum

    Family : Blechnaceae.

    Raised and pinnate fronds of 40cm length and 5 cm wide, medium green, satiny, light green for the young fronds. Creeping rhizome, colonises without being intrusive. It enjoys an acidic or neutral, cool soil, in medium shade. Evergreen. Height : 40cm. Hardiness : -10°C.

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  • Blechnum cordatum

    Family : Blechnaceae.

    Syn. Blechnum chilense.

    New name : Parablechnum cordatum

    Magnificent fern with sturdy, tough, glossy dark green fronds, from 50 to 100 cm in length. In spring, the young fronds are reddish bronze to salmon coloured. Young crosiers and stipes are covered with large tan scales. The fertile fronds are upright with narrow pinnae. The stoloniferous rhizome produces suckers. For an acidic , always wet ground, in shade. Evergreen. Height and width : 1m and +. Hardiness : -13°C.

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  • Blechnum penna-marina

    Family : Blechnaceae.

    New name : Austroblechnum penna-marina

    Syn. Antartic hard fern

    Dense creeping rhizomes, dynamic growth. Evergreen, tough, forest-green, satiny, sterile fronds; fine and upright fertile fronds. Excellent cover ground for fresh or wet, acidic or neutral grounds, ideal for Heather earth plants beds, in light shade. Height : 10/20cm. Hardiness : -25°C.

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  • Blechnum penna-marina subsp, alpinum Paradise Form

    Family : Blechnaceae.

    New name : Austroblechnum penna-marina subsp. alpinum Paradise Form

    This small ground-cover gathers the qualities of B. penna-marina and of  B. penna-marina subsp. alpinum. It has small green sterile fronds, copper-coloured in their youth, and produces many purple fertile fronds as subsp. alpinum; with the vigour of B. penna-marina. Plant in acidic or neutral moist grounds, with light shade or sun, in a rockery. Evergreen. Height : 10/12cm. Hardiness : -25°C.

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  • Blechnum penna-marina subsp. alpinum, Austroblechnum penna-marina subsp. alpinum

    Family : Blechnaceae.

    New name : Austroblechnum penna-marina subsp. alpinum.

    Creeping fern, finer and smaller than the species, with moderate growth. Evergreen, matt sterile fronds, first brownish pink, then bronze-green, half the size of the species. Numerous purplish fertile fronds emerge upright. Plant in acidic or neutral moist grounds, in light shade or sun, in a rockery. Evergreen. Height : 8/10cm. Hardiness : -25°C.

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  • Blechnum spicant

    Family : Blechnaceae.

    New name : Struthiopteris spicant

    Syn. deer fern

    A highly refined native fern. Evergreen sterile fronds are spreading, narrowly lance-shaped, glossy dark green. Deciduous fertile fronds are taller and upright. The narrow, linear pinnae enclose the sori and indusia. It is lime intolerant. It needs a coarse acidic soil, cool to moist ,in shade or light shade. Height : 30/50cm. Hardiness : -25°C.

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