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The genus Pteridium belongs to the Pteridaceae family, and is represented by 2 species. One of them, Pteridium aquilinum, known as bracken fern, is very common in all regions of the world, except the far north. The genus Pteridium is characterized by a stipe as long as the rest of the frond, broadly triangular blades, tripinnate to quadripinnate, arranged horizontally. Pteridium are very colonizing ferns, they develop from a deeply buried , creeping rhizome ; forming, most of the time, dense and large populations. Sori are marginal and covered by a false indusium. Spores production is rare. Multiplication is essentially vegetative.

  • Pteridium aquilinum

    Family : Dennstaedtiaceae.

    Bracken fern.

    The rhizome is far-creeping and branching. The stipe is as long as the lamina. The latter is matt green, tripinnate and triangular with airy, horizontal pinnae. It grows well in full sun or partial shade, prefers acidic soils but limestone tolerant. It brings a wild atmosphere and beautiful changing colours with the seasons. It can be very invasive. Deciduous. Height : 70/200cm. Hardiness : -30°C.

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  • Pteridium esculentum

    Family : Dennstaedtiaceae.

    Australe bracken fern.

     P. esculentum grows from creeping rhizomes, which are covered with reddish hair. From them arise large triangular fronds. Height : 1m/2m. It can be invasive. Hardiness : to define.

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