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 The genus Rumohra belongs to the Dryopteridaceae family and includes 1 to 4 epiphytic or terrestrial species, distributed in the souhern hemisphere. This genus is characterized by broadly triangular fronds, bipinnate to tripinnate, glossy, thick and rough textured. Sori are round, covered by peltate indusia. Stipes are long and strong. The rhizome is thick and creeping. Rumohra is known in cut foliage business, as leather fern, florist fern or american fern.

  • Rumohra adiantiformis, african form

    Family : Dryopteridaceae.

    Leather leaf fern.

    Often called florist's fern or American fern.

    Tall triangular fronds, arching, dark green, lustrous, leathery, on upright stipes. The rhizome is thick and creeping. This fern is used by florists for flower arrangements. Evergreen. Height : 80cm. Hardiness : -10°C.

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