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Selaginella is the only genus in the Selaginellaceae family. Selaginellaceae are pteridophytes, and belongs to a class close to ferns. Selaginella includes more than 700 species, most of them native to tropical regions. Three species are present in the french flora. This genus is characterized by its dimorhic fronds, its two types of sporangia. Megasporangia are located at the « fronds » base, and contain only 4 big megaspores. Microsporangia are located at the « fronds » apex, and contain numerous microscopic spores, or microspores. This peculiarity is known as heterospory.

  • Selaginella involvens

    Family : Selaginellaceae.

    Tree spikemoss.

    The stems are red, upright and branching. The leaves are golden green, scale like. Its shape reminds an airy and fine fern. The rhizome is creeping. It will like a rockery or a drained soil, acidic or alkaline, in medium shade. Evergreen. Height : 20/30cm. Hardiness : -18°C.

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