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The genus Deparia belongs to the family of the Athyriaceae, and includes about 34 species native from eastern Asia to Africa. The Deparia are ferns with tender texture, bright green, upright fronds on creeping rhizomes.

  • Deparia conilii

    Family : Athyriaceae.

    Deciduous ground-cover fern for moist soils in shade. Height : 30cm. Width : 70cm. Hardiness : -22°C.

    From 12.00 €
  • Deparia petersenii

    Family : Athyriaceae.

    Deciduous, bipinnnatifid fronds, thick, satiny, pea-green on short stolons. It needs moist loamy soils in light shade. Height : 30cm. Hardiness : -15°C.

    From 8.00 €