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The genus Davallia is represented by 20 species native to Asia, and one native to the Canary Islands. The Davallia are epiphytic ferns, characterized by scaly rhizomes entangled on the surface. The fronds are triangular and finely cut.

  • Davallia mariesii

    Family : Davalliaceae.

    Hare's foot fern.

    Fern characterized by imbricated rhizomes cloaked with grey-beige scales, creeping on the surface. The long stipes are upright. The triangular laminae are finely divided and light green. Evergreen, at the end of winter, a part of the fronds decline and numerous new crosiers appear. Ideal on a veranda, in a pot or a hanging basket. Strong and easy, it enjoys light and heat and dislikes the excess dampness. Hardiness : -10°C.

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