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 The genus Cystopteris represents about 25 species, distributed in cool, montanous, temperate areas, in different regions of the world. This genus is represented by species most often deciduous, small in size, with a frail and graceful appearance. The young fronds appear early in spring, and some species disappear early in autumn.

  • Cystopteris bulbifera

    Family : Cystopteridaceae.

    Bulblet bladder fern.

    The delicate deciduous fronds are bipinnate, narrow triangular, pale green, horizontal. The midribs bear plenty of bulbils, these drop off and develop into new plants, but they are not invasive.This fern needs a moist alkaline or slightly acidic soil, in shade. Protect from slugs. Height and width : 40cm. Hardiness : -30°C.

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  • Cystopteris dickieana

     Family : Cystopteridaceae.

    Dickie's bladder fern.

     The fronds unfurl early in spring. It differs from C. fragilis, by its rounded and overlapping pinnules. It is a fern for moist rocks, siliceous or calcareous, in shade. Semi-evergreen. Height : 10/15cm. Hardiness : -30°C.

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  • Cystopteris fragilis

    Family : Cystopteridaceae.

    Synonym : brittle bladder fern.

    A little native fern, finely cut with a short and strong rhizome. lance shaped, bipinnate fronds form a light clump. The new fronds unfurl early in spring, and they collapse soon in summer. Easy to grow in any soil, moist with good drainage in shade or medium shade. Deciduous. Height and width : 20/30cm. Hardiness : -30°C.

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  • Cystopteris moupinensis

    Family : Cystopteridaceae.

    A light and graceful fern. The rhizome is creeping. The delicate laminae are bipinnate to tripinnate, widely triangular, finely cut, horizontal on upright stipes.It likes cool soils in shade or medium shade. Deciduous. Height : 15/30cm. Hardiness : -25°C.

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