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Coniogramme is a genus of about 50 species, native to Africa and Eastern Asia.The genus Coniogramme is characterized by its fronds shape, pinnate and bipinnate. Pinnae and pinnules are narrowly oblong, reminding bamboo foliage. The sporangia are arranged in thin, long rows, covering the underside of the pinnae, without indusium. The rhizome is creeping.

  • Coniogramme emeiensis

    Family : Pteridaceae.

    Variegated bamboo fern.

    It is a variegated fern, with a creeping rhizome, and linear, upright, pinnate or bipinnate fronds. The pinnae are 15 to 20cm long, glossy, bright green with cream-coloured veins. It requires a cool and humusy ground in shade, or on a veranda. Protect from slugs. Evergreen. Height : 60/90cm. Hardiness : -10°C.

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  • Coniogramme intermedia

    Family : pteridaceae.

    Intermediate bamboo fern.

    Evergreen fern with a short-creeping rhizome. The fronds are pinnate, bipinnate at the base. The pinnae with tapered end, are long, deep green, glossy ; broad and tight. It likes shade or deep shade in a moist, acidic to neutral soil. Height : 60 to 90cm. Hardiness : -10°C.

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  • Coniogramme japonica 'Flavomaculata'

    Family : Pteridaceae.

    Syn. : Coniogramme  japonica 'Variegata'

    Japanese bamboo fern.

    The rhizome is creeping. The fronds are upright, pinnate and bipinnate. The pinnae are emerald green, glossy, with clearer veins. Plant it in a cool and moist soil in shade, or on a veranda. Protect it from slugs. Evergreen. Height : 60/80cm. Hardiness : -13°C.

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