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The genus Doodia belongs to the family of the Blechnaceae and includes about 10 species, native to the northern hemisphere, most of them to Australia and New Zealand. The different species are difficult to distinguish from each other. Fronds are once-pinnate, lanceolate, rough to the touch, monomorphic. Young fronds appear deep pink maturing to dark green. Sori are arranged in rows on every side of pinnae midribs. The sori tracks are clearly visible on the upper pinnae surface.

  • Doodia media

    Family : Blechnaceae.

    Common rasp fern.

    The rhizome is erect and produces runners. In spring, the pinnate fronds emerge bright pink, turning green when they mature. Plant in an acidic to neutral, cool soil in light shade. semi-evergreen. Height and width : 30cm. Hardiness : -12°C.

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