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The genus Gymnocarpium includes 8 species distributed in temperate aeras of northern hemisphere. It is a genus characterized by its little triangular fronds, light green, velvety, horizontal, on a thin stipe. The rhizome is thin and creeping. Sori are arranged on the pinnae underside, without indusium. The Gymnocarpium form carpets in shade, among rocks, or in cool and moist woodlands.

  • Gymnocarpium dryopteris

    Family : Cystopteridaceae.

    Oak fern

    Magnificent ground-cover ! We find this native fern with dynamic growth in cool woodlands or shady screes, on acidic soils. The lamina is triangular, horizontal, bright green and velvet, on a thin, erect stipe. The rhizome is branching and creeping. Deciduous. Height : 15/20cm. Hardiness : -35°C.

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  • Gymnocarpium oyamense

    Family : Cystopteridaceae.

    This delicate fern slowly forms a low carpet. The tender green blades are horizontal, long triangular and pinnate-pinnatifid. Its likes chalky soils, but will enjoy an acidic and humusy soil in the shade. Deciduous. Height : 15/30 cm. Hardiness : -15°C

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  • Gymnocarpium robertianum

    Family : Cystopteridaceae.

    This lime-loving and montaneous native fern is quite rare. It enjoys fresh and shady rockeries or limestone screes. It can tolerate light shade but not drought. The lamina is triangular, horizontal, green, not so bright and leafy as G. dryopteris. The axis and the lamina are covered with glandular hairs, giving a musky odour when creased. The rhizome is creeping and branching. Deciduous. Height : 15/20cm. Hardiness : -35°C.

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