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Dryopteris carthusiana

Ref.: DRYOP 542

Origin : temperate and cold areas of the northern hemisphere.

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Family : Dryopteridaceae.

Narrow buckler fern.

This species forms an airy clump. The lamina is pale green and smooth. The long stipes bear sparse, uniformly tan scales. It is easy to grow and suitable for woods, banks, rocks, marshlands, acidic or alkaline soils, in shade. Deciduous. Height : 50/80cm. Hardiness : -35°C.

  • Foliage : deciduous
  • Height : 60 to 90cm
  • Soil type : any
  • Site : streams or ponds banks, bogs, cool to moist woods, walls, rockery, fountain, rocks, banks, cool to moist, forest edge, mixed borders
  • Exposure : shade
  • Shape : upright
  • Rhizome : erect
  • Hardiness : down to -30°C (-22°F)