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Polypodium vulgare 'Trichomanoides Backhouse'

Ref.: POLYP 561

Available in september 2021.

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Family : Polypodiaceae.

This cultivar presents two kinds of fronds. The laminae are tripinnate to quadripinnate. The rhizome is creeping. It is suitable for an acidic or basic, humusy, drained soil, in the shade. Evergreen. Height : 15/30cm. Hardiness : -30°C.

  • Foliage : evergreen
  • Height : less than 30cm
  • Soil type : any, well drained
  • Site : walls, rockery, rocks, banks, temporarily dry, forest edge, dry to cool woods
  • Exposure : shade, half shade
  • Shape : ground cover
  • Rhizome : creeping and branching
  • Hardiness : down to -30°C (-22°F)